Voice and Vision: Stories of Dwelling on the UVic Landscape

ES 481
Landscape Reconstruction: Lessons in Applied Ethnoecological Research

Researching the cultural landscape of the University of Victoria, from meadow to totem pole, from farm to campus. We are applying the tools of ethnoecology to offer a meaningful description of the interrelationships between people and place. We invite you to explore the Community Web Map which we as a class have created over the past few months. You may navigate around the map by clicking on the icons which correlate with the topic placed on the right hand menu to view the information pages. All references, for all topics, are compiled into one page which can be found by clicking on the book icon .

We have all accepted three key challenges:
1. Use multidisciplinary and integrative research to unveil and describe the layers of 'connectedness' between human societies and landscapes.
2. Don't give in to the allure of easy black and white answers, and 'sieze the grey,' the complex and often confusing suite of interrelationships among people and place.
3. Reach beyond the doom and gloom of current environmental issues and discover how people can 'dwell', and have dwelled for generations, within local landscapes in engaging and positive ways.

Back row, left to right: Sada Keel, Ashlene Nairn, Rachel Montgomery, Claire Daniels, Yasser Mohammed, Alex Schiebel, John Bradley Williams (guest), Judith Arney, Mila Czemerys, Earl Claxton Jr. (guest), Kirsten Morley, Lucy Neville.
Front row, left to right: Melissa Hingston, Laura del Campo, Veronica Rutherford, Jasmine Green, Kathie Allen, Crystal Cain, Tori Ball, Crystal Oberg, Kate Proctor, Natasha Gerrard.
Centre: Brenda "Slayer" Beckwith (instructor). Not pictured: Camellia Chow, Ildi Kovacs, Adrienne MacMillan, Lauren Warbeck, Eric Wong, Ken "Geography Genie" Josephson (mapping consultant).

Check out the official University of Victoria Community Green Map and the Department of Geography's Community Mapping Resource Centre.

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