This page is a "blog roll" of sorts. It is a place for Team members to post helpful hints to each other and to announce system-wide changes and up-coming events.

spelling error

Hey, just noticed a spelling mistake on our home page, under #2 - the word interrelationships is missing the 'h'

Changed permissions, menus and Welcome

Hi ES481-folk!

Your posts/photos and icons look great!

I changed permissions on the site in advance of your launch today (Monday 6 April) so that anonymous (the Public) can access (Read Only) the Web Map (Geobrowser).

I also changed the menus a bit so that people only see the Primary Links (top bar menu) until they sign in. Once logged in, they see the left side Nav menu.

And I changed your Welcome page to add a link to Ken's Community Mapping Resource Centre.

And and, I fixed the URL addresses; the site now use something called "clean URLs" which means that the address for the Web Map is now "" and not "". Small thing, but it looks better!

And and and, I added a post about community mapping, and linked it off the Primary Links.


HTML Codes

Just a small note, if you need italicized text (required for the scientific latin names) you should put:

< i > Text you want to be italicized < / i > (without the spaces)


Sources & Citations!

Hey There Ladies and Gents...

Just a reminder that we are compiling all our references in APA format. I have attached an APA Style Guide here, although there is lots available through the library at:

The sooner you guys could get your references to Rach, Jude, or myself - the sooner we can start to compile them, you can always add more later it doesn't have to be a final list - but we are going to shoot for getting them all in on Monday, and we will compile on Tuesday.

Happy mapping!


FullAPAStyleGuide.pdf647.87 KB

Back on track

"Add a new marker" and "Back to the Welcome page" have returned to the web map.
Thanks Ken and Charles!

Double trouble

I am having the same problem as Ashlene - can't post to the site, some menu options are missing, and the map looks kind of wonky in general...

I don't know what the problem is, but there's definitely something wrong!

[I'm about to email Brenda and let her know]


I'm having trouble uploading a site on the map.
When I click on 'web map', there is only a list of the icons, there is no option to add a site, or return to main menu.
Can someone help me with this please?
Did my admin powers go away?

Types 1-4 on the chopping block

Hi there 481ers,

The type 1-4 icons that are on our map are looking pretty mangy, so they're about to get deleted. It's time to get more NUMBERS (as sexy as that sounds) up on the web map. Of course, the numbers will soon be glorious, unique and independent icons in their own right. So, if you want to save the information under your experimental icons (Type 1-4) that you posted in the March 4 class, please transfer it to a group number icon within the next few days. Thanks!

Group Numbers

Please see the post "Groups and Facilitators" to determine your group number. Then use the number icon that correlates to your group number for your project page until we develop new icons. Ken has posted the icons on the sandbox and they are ready to use!

Now is the future

We have the knowledge, we hold the power;
This is our project, and here is a flower:

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