Groups and Facilitators

Hello 481ers,

Out of the class and into the fire...

Here are the groups, listed under your particular liason and resource person. We 3 will be communicating with our specific groups, Brenda and Ken, and each other in order to try to keep the site looking cohesive. We'll also be trying to help with admin details and general questions, ensuring there isn't a lot of overlap and that most people are on the same page. Good luck with the projects!!


1. Agriculture from the late 1800s-1900s
2. CJVI Lands from 1970s- present
(Alex, Adrienne, Ildi)
3. Transportation
(Camellia, Eric)


4. Envisionings
(Kathie, Crystal, Jasmine)
5. Names of buildings and places
(Mila, Lauren, Laura)
6. Historical Mapping
(Natasha, Lucy, Sada)


7. Garry oak Woodlands
(Kate, Kirsten, Crystal)
8. Mystic Vale
(Yasser, Veronica)
9. Non-built built environments
(Claire, Ashlene)

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